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Please pardon our appearance while our website is under construction!

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  • For only a fraction of your health insurance costs, you can completely transform your health

  • The ultimate full-service nutrition experience—100% customized

  • Your nutrition concierge is on-call every step of the way

  • No dieting; No failures; No starvation!

  • Long-term health benefits

  • Prevention and treatment of sicknesses without any medications

  • No additional fees or long contracts

  • Implement changes through the development of educational programs and workshops that promote nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices in a community

  • Educate and advise a wide range of patients with dietary-related disorders on the practical ways in which they can improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits

  • Raising awareness to enlighten other healthcare professions about food and nutrition issues

  • Take total control of your health, prevent risk of predetermined diseases

  • Treat current illnesses; reduce or eliminate the use of medications

  • High tech convenience meets ultra-personalized support

  • Healthtrition is always just a click, call or text away 24/7

  • Not a diet; but a lifestyle resulting in long-term results

  • Initial welcoming package of foods used and approved by Healthtrition and discounted rates after first package (mailed if necessary)

About The Health Tritionist

Healthtritionist is a clinical nutritionist from New York City that promotes healthy eating behaviors through adjusting lifestyle changes. Patients and clients of all ages with most disorders benefit through the Healthtrition system. With personal experience of eating modifications for weight loss as well as overcoming a threat of health, it has been countlessly proven that the only way to prolong longevity [even when you need to lose, maintain or gain weight] and remain healthy is through incorporating real and wholesome foods continuously proven to sustain and elongate individual’s lives, preserving health and well-being while preventing risks of diseases and aide in treatment of current illnesses.

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