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  •         Founder, Janell Fuks is a clinical nutritionist from New York City that promotes healthy eating behaviors through adjusting lifestyle changes allows patients and clients of all ages with most ailments benefit through the Healthtrition system.

  •         Proven that the only way to prolong longevity and remain healthy is through incorporating real and wholesome foods continuously verified to sustain and elongate individual’s lives, preserving health and well-being while preventing risks of diseases and aide in treatment of current illnesses.

  •         Has been acknowledged and proved with countless studies that nutrition-related issues have never been more critical to our nation’s health than they are today:8 out of 10 chronic illnesses in the U.S. today result from improper nutrition.

  •         Goal: combat misinformation, empower people in the community and beyond to understand choice of food, improve quality of life and prevent risk of diseases arising from consuming ingredients contained in most chemically processed and artificial foods currently manufactured.

  •         By focusing on the science of nutrition, acknowledging the way nutrients work in the body and conducting suitable tactics essential to impact behavioral change at the individual, community and population level- aims to help better lives while strengthening the weaknesses and misconceptions that are often seen in the food marketing business.


  •         Healthtrition lectures and educates the public on the importance of ingredient reading and understanding benefits and risks of choosing the proper contents of individual eating choice.

  •         Eliminate the typical  "diet" connotations and reach goals through long-term lifestyle changes,

  •         Involve Healthtrition approved products to construct, incorporate and prescribe individual meal plans through easier accessibility to promote healthy consumption of nutrients while demonstrating the importance of consuming recognizable and nutritious ingredients to succeed in attaining individual goals.

  •         Through this process, long term possibility to terminate the chemically processed food industry to make nourishing wholesome commodities more available to attain so that individuals can sustain their health and well-being, so children and adults can reduce risks of illnesses related to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and other nutrition-related diseases.

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