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Community Program

Educating the public of proper nutrition provides adequate knowledge to become aware of the dangers of the varieties of foods vended to us today. Effects of food are impacted on health from the day of conception to old age. Adequate nutrition and nourishment behaviors are especially important in periods of rapid growth and development known to implement lifetime behaviors. Poor nutrition at any age can result in irreversible damaging effects to overall health as well as specific ailments. The role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing disease is continuously studied and proved. The foods we eat, the nutrients they provide are the most important factors influencing our growth, development, functional abilities and overall health.

A healthy diet is the most effective form of preventative health care and by raising awareness about health nutrition to the public and beyond, Healthtrition is able to translate the science of nutrition into everyday information about food. There are a lot of misconceptions of “healthy” food marketed to us today, however developing community programs such workshops as well as advocating in city schools and hospitals, provides an extremely beneficial educational tutorial.

Applying basic health principles to design programs, systems, policies and environments that aims to improve or maintain the optimal health of populations and targeted groups.

Community Program
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