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Almond Flour Cacao Cookies Recipe!

July 14, 2018

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Ever ponder why your snacking habit may be leading to weight gain?

February 23, 2018

As a clinical nutritionist, it has come to me that most of us snack inappropriately and many of my patients encounter similar issues when psychologically fighting these battles. For you, this probably sounds recognizable: You’ll stop by or walk by your break room in the office and notice some chips, cookies and other candies laying out or leftovers from a catered lunch, sometimes someone offered you to try a piece of something you had no intention to do. Sometimes situations lead you to stay home and open the refrigerator door expecting something new there every time. Yet, you are not hungry, but you decide to have a bite or two. By the time, you’re back at your desk or walking away from the fridge and continuing with your day, your stomach is screaming for more even after knowing you were not hungry.



What’s going on here? SCIENCE. Body science that is.

Even before you swallow a bite of food, taste receptors in your mouth start “speaking” to your brain and communicating with your stomach which informs them that food is the way. Additionally, other metabolic changes that assist your digestive system to prepare to handle a big influx of food. Most commonly known example is that the insulin levels spiking up to keep your blood sugar from soaring too high post-feed. This tends to be all very beneficial and essential if you’re chowing down a whole meal in which these groundworks maintain your body in a delighted state of homeostasis. However, in the scenario with the office break as previously mentioned as well as other very common snacking situations… your body doesn’t know how that you only intended to have a bite, two or even three.


Your gut and digestive system react as though a large feast is on the way. That being said, the consequential drop in blood sugar can shoot your hunger through the roof which then sends you running back to find more snacks and pound the remaining cookies and chips by the fistful.


Luckily, there is some advice that I can provide that can help you…

  • Don’t start what you can’t stop.

When it comes to eating, it’s extremely difficult to stop once you’ve started. So, if you’r